A Message from Our Pastor

Message from Greater Tried Stone Baptist Church Pastor

We, the Pastor, Leaders and entire Greater Tried Stone church family welcome you into your new extended family. As with any family we are not perfect, but we love each other and look forward to sharing our love with you. Here at “The Stone,” we are a light hearted but extremely serious band of believers. We cherish and enjoy our time together. As we learn and grow, we encourage and admonish each other to be our best selves as an offering to God. It is our prayer you will take the time to grow with us, being patient with yourself and others, understanding none of us have gained our wings yet. Notwithstanding, with a steadfast hope and maturing faith we will do our best to help you enjoy your Christian journey. Our purpose is not to control you, manipulate you nor to judge you, rather to nurture you and mature you by offering biblical training and opportunities for you, and watch you develop your own unique spiritual identity. The Pastor and Leadership of ‘The Stone” stand ready to assist you in your ‘Faith Walk”